Concealer Cups

Discreet and soft for long wearing comfort.


What do you do when you find that a top is too sheer or thin for your liking? Choose to wear something else? Not anymore! These concealer bra cups are the perfect answer to a common clothing problem. By offering just the cups, you can get a lot of versatile use out of them – no straps to deal with. That means you can easily use them to fill out a wire-free bra, if you desire, or you can use them as swimsuit breast cup inserts. It’s totally up to you!

It's popular for many women to use these as swimsuit bra cups, and the reason for this is that many swimsuit designs don’t provide enough cup coverage. If you dislike having too much showing while wearing a tankini, bikini or one-piece bathing suit, these make fantastic swimsuit bra inserts for all of those styles. And if you like wearing sporty tank tops that provide built-in inserts, these make ideal replacements. Maintain these soft, foam inserts by hand washing. One pair. Imported.
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