Circulation Pro™ EMS Foot Massager

Relieve pain and tension in the feet and legs.


Say goodbye to common discomfort associated with poor circulation in the lower extremities when you use this high-tech foot massager machine. Circulation Pro™ EMS Foot Massager doesn’t take up much space, but it offers exceptional stimulation in the comfort of your home.

Does the EMS foot massager really work?

Yes. This foot massager uses the principles of EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to send pulses to various acupuncture points on the feet. Each time you step on the massager mat, and turn the unit on, the pulses stimulate those points, which in turn, gets the blood circulating.

In addition to the rechargeable massage mat, the kit includes a wireless remote and USB charging cord. You can use the remote to set the six massage modes and 15 intensity levels to your liking. Since each person is different, you can experiment with various modes to discover which ones offer the best relief. Massage action helps to relieve tired, sore feet, tired legs and muscle tension. Please follow the instructions for how long to use the massager. The mat is made from soft, flexible material.
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