Celeste Stein Lace Compression Socks, 8-15 mmHg

Add beautiful lace texture and style while promoting healthy legs and feet.


Improve the blood circulation in your ankles and legs while wearing support socks that offer a refreshingly feminine design. These Celeste Stein knee highs have a decorative floral lace pattern that is sure to put a smile on your face.

And while they certainly are pretty to gaze at, they also provide plenty of 8-15 mmHg light compression for boosting circulation in your feet and legs. They are ideal for helping to keep leg fatigue, swelling and various aches and pains in the muscles at bay. You can also wear them whenever you travel by air, vehicle, bus or train to ensure your legs get stimulating support during long periods of sitting.

Made of flexible and durable nylon and spandex, each pair features a solid toe and wide banding at the top that helps keep them securely in place. Socks can stretch up to 17 inches at the calf, and the one size fits most sizing ranges from 5 to 11 in women’s shoe sizes. Choose from beige, black or lavender. Hand wash.
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