Calf Compression Sleeves 20-30mmHg, 1 Pair

For those who cannot wear, or do not wish to wear a full compression stocking.


Get the level of leg support you desire with this footless compression calf sleeve that can also be used as a half-calf sleeve. With openings at the top and bottom, you can slide this sleeve up or down to achieve your desired level of comfort. This compression sleeve offers 20-30 mmHg graduated compression that starts with a higher level of compression at the bottom, which then decreases as it moves up the leg. Crafted of quality antimicrobial fabric, it’s the perfect sleeve for those who cannot wear, or do not wish to wear, a full compression stocking.Comfort is always important when choosing a compression stocking style, and this one has an attractive look with hidden seams and ribbing at the top and bottom for a secure fit without bunching. Moisture-wicking material helps keep legs nice and dry, regardless of the atmosphere indoors or outside. Sleeves are machine washable. Specify color. Specify size: (small, fits calves 10"-12"), (medium, fits 12"-15"), (large, fits 15"-17") or (XL, fits 17"-19"). Latex-free. 79% nylon/20% spandex/1% other. One pair.
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