BrushBuddies® Premium Ultra Soft Toothbrush Gum Care

This is the softest gum care toothbrush you'll ever feel.


Brushing with a too-firm toothbrush can weaken enamel and lead to receding gums. This ultra-soft toothbrush is the solution. No other toothbrush on the market can match the ultra-soft feel and gum care of Brush Buddies® Premium Ultra Soft Toothbrush.With 7,320 bristles, this is the softest gum care toothbrush you'll ever feel. The high density bristles of this soft bristle brush stimulates gum tissue as they thoroughly clean teeth.The hypersensitive, extra soft bristles with patented technology are 20x slimmer than a regular toothbrush. The extra soft toothbrush features a unique row design that reaches deep between teeth. Ideal for sensitive teeth, weak gums, braces and denture users.
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