Breast Form Adhesive Tape

Help keep your breast form in place.


If you are a regular user of breast forms, you already know how annoying it can be sometimes when a form doesn’t stay put like it’s supposed to after placement. As much as you try to get it to stay, it always seems to move around, and you are not always able to make the needed adjustment, especially when you’re in public. You can end this constant frustration now by choosing to use this breast form tape.

At Easy Comforts, we’ve solved the mystery of where to buy quality breast tape that actually works. The key to the best bra tape for breast forms is good quality adhesive. Unlike some others you may have tried, this tape for breast forms is made with adhesive that sticks on and stays on for a long time. And, best of all, each tape piece is ergonomically designed and double-sided for twice the adhesive power. Tape is made to be used with silicone or foam breast forms. Each pack includes 50 pieces of tape.
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