Brain Games® Large Print Bible Word Search, Set of 4

Enhance your Bible knowledge without straining your eyes.


Search for words to enhance your Bible knowledge … without straining to read clues and circle tiny letters! These Brain Games™ Large Print Bible Word Search books are printed with large grids and easy-to-read type, and each puzzle spreads out across two full pages, so they're easy on your eyes. Find words related to prophets, Bible phrases, fill-in-the-blank Bible themes and more—with words hidden in a straight line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and read either forward or backward. Designed to flex your cognitive muscles so your brain stays fit, this large print word search book is a great way to delve into the Good Book while enjoying a challenge. Set of 4 Brain Games word search books. Softcover, 32 pages each. 7" x 9".
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