Breathe easy on the go! Boost Oxygen® Pocket Size canisters are perfectly portable for a boost of energy and vitality anytime, anywhere. Simply remove cap, press button firmly and inhale. These oxygen canisters are perfect for seniors, active people and high-altitude visitors. Sized just right for storing in a nightstand drawer or taking on the go in a purse, pocket or glove box, for approx. 50 seconds of continuous flow, or 15–50 inhalations of varying lengths. Lightweight canisters. Contains 95% pure aviator's breathing oxygen and 5% ambient air. Natural with no aroma or flavoring added. Each canister contains more than 2 liters of oxygen. Set of 3.
100% natural, 95% Pure Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen (ABO), 5% ambient air. No aromas have been added. Set of 3, 2 Liters each.
For Pocket Size canisters, remove tamper-evident plastic and remove cap. Place up to mouth, press button firmly and inhale.
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