Boost Oxygen® Set of 3, Pocket Size

Breathe easy on the go.


Boost Oxygen® is the ultimate pocket oxygen inhaler, and it provides a way to enjoy a quick oxygen booster wherever you may be, even while you are on a walk or out shopping. If you are wondering, “Where can I buy Boost Oxygen in a set?”, the answer is right here at Easy Comforts! Instead of a single unit of canned oxygen, you get a set of three cans, each filled with three liters of a breathable blend that includes 94% pure aviator’s oxygen and 5% ambient air. While this blend does not replace a medical oxygen machine or tank, it does offer a dose of oxygen that can help support easier breathing temporarily.

Because the cannisters are lightweight, you can tuck them into a handbag, backpack, pocket, glove compartment or travel bag with ease. Take one or more cannisters along with you on hikes, bike rides, camping trips and any place you wish to have portable oxygen cans available for a quick boost of energy.
100% natural, 95% Pure Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen (ABO), 5% ambient air. No aromas have been added. Set of three, 3 Liters each.
For pocket-size canisters, remove tamper-evident plastic and remove cap. Place up to mouth, press button firmly and inhale.
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