Boost Oxygen® Natural, 10 L

Give yourself a quick burst of oxygen whenever the need arises.


Give yourself a quick burst of oxygen whenever the need arises with Boost Oxygen Natural. This portable oxygen canister is a game-changer for those who feel a sudden bout of fatigue at various intervals throughout the day. Designed for mild oxygen needs, each canister contains around 95% of supplemental oxygen for approximately 200 seconds of continuous oxygen. It’s all-natural and there are no added chemicals or fragrances to interfere with its pureness. Getting a boost of oxygen is easy to do thanks to the innovative delivery mechanism. Simply place the built-in mask over the mouth area and push the lever to release oxygen from the canister, breathing deeply through the mouth.The cannister’s portable design makes it easy to take along for short jaunts or longer outings. Bring it along during shopping trips to fight fatigue and enjoy instant rejuvenation. Keep it handy for visits to places located in high altitudes and use it as a breathing aid. This canned oxygen is odorless and tasteless. No express shipping.
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