Blue Tablet Book Pillow

Props your book or tablet up close and at the perfect level.


Enjoy greater comfort while reading with this versatile Blue Tablet Book Pillow, designed for use while lounging on the sofa, sitting in a chair or car seat, or relaxing in bed. Its unique design features two slanted ends – one small wedge and a large wedge. The smaller wedge has an elongated platform that is perfect for holding a keyboard, magazine or puzzle book. The large wedge serves as a plush stand for holding up a cell phone, tablet, small laptop, e-reader or book. Because of this multiuse versatility, you can use it in all areas of the home and bring it along on trips and vacations. It even has roomy pockets for storing headphones, small devices, pens, pencils and other useful items. The foam wedge measures 6-1/2" long x 12" wide x 9-1/2" high and is 16" deep when folded. This ingenious support pillow for your books and devices features blue Oxford fabric and a foam core.
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