Bissell® FeatherWeight™ Vacuum

Sleek, Lightweight design lets you clean your home quickly.



The Bissell® FeatherWeight™ is a lightweight champion in the cleaning world, offering an effortless solution to household upkeep. As a versatile Bissell stick vacuum, it embodies convenience and ease, providing efficient clean-up without the bulk of traditional vacuums.

This sleek powerhouse—known for its iconic Bissell® featherweight design—is deceptively powerful given its compact size. It glides across various surfaces with grace, swiftly picking up debris and dust from hardwood floors to carpets alike. Its slender profile makes navigating around furniture and into tight spaces seem like child's play.

Transformability is at the heart of this device; with simple adjustments, the Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum converts between floor vacuum mode to hand-vacuum mode or use with crevice tool attachment – ensuring that no corner nook or cranny goes unattended during your cleaning sessions!

It not only excels in performance but also in storage convenience, thanks to its easy-to-handle frame that stands upright on its own and neatly stows away, even in the smallest closets, taking up minimal space. This truly epitomizes what it means to be 'featherweight' in every sense of the term. Whether tackling daily messes or engaging in a thorough spring-cleaning escapade, you can depend on its reliability and efficiency time and again, making it a worthwhile addition to any home eager to maintain a pristine environment effortlessly and effectively each day.

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