Big Brush™ Easy Grip Toothbrush with Replaceable Soft Head

Awarded a spot in the Smithsonian Institute National Design Museum.


A wide and wonderful solution for keeping your teeth clean, the Big Brush™ Easy Grip toothbrush is good for your mouth and the planet! The innovative wide oval toothbrush head features 3x the number of bristles as an average brush, to improve gum health and reduce enamel erosion. The ergonomic wood toothbrush handle is easy to grip and fits the dentist-recommended 45 degree brush-to-tooth angle. An environmentally friendly oral hygiene solution, the cellulose handle is sourced from renewable timber. The replaceable, green toothbrush head is made from vegetable-based nylon bristles that last up to 9 months. This Big Brush™ toothbrush design is so iconic, the Smithsonian Institute National Design Museum awarded it a spot in its permanent collection! American Dental Association (ADA) accepted design for plaque removal and gingivitis prevention. Also good for gum stimulation for denture wearers. Choose right- or left-handed. White marble color. Replacement head sold separately. 6 1/2" L.
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