Bifocal Reading Glasses, Set of 3

Read and watch TV at the same time with non-magnified uppers and magnified lowers.


Are you straining to read novels, documents or your favorite word game puzzles? This may be a sign that it’s time for you to consider wearing bifocal reading glasses. These glasses are different from those made with prescription lenses. With reading glasses, you don’t need to scoot off to see the eye doctor or bother with prescriptions because in most cases, your eyes simply need a little assistance to make reading more comfortable for you and your eyes.

We take care of the decision of where to buy affordable reading glasses because we offer this set of three modern-style eyeglasses for your convenience. When it comes to finding the best kind of cheap bifocal reading glasses, our bargains are hard to beat. All three pairs are clear glasses with bifocal lenses designed just for reading clarity. Each pair of readers has the same style of acrylic frames and shape for consistency of look. Bifocal magnification is +1.5x to +4.0x. They can also be worn with contact lenses.

These bifocal readers are available in six magnifications; choose from +1.5x, +2.0x, +2.5x, +3.0x, +3.5x or +4.0x. Each pair is made with lightweight acrylic frames and polycarbonate lenses.
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