Beautyful™ 5-in-1 Easy Grip Cordless Nail Pro

Get salon-perfect nail care at home.


Get salon-perfect nail care at home. Pro style manicure pedicure set has 5 interchangeable heads to keep your nails looking their best. Shape, smooth and polish fingernails or toenails with ease. This portable nail drill kit delivers more precise results than nail clippers or files. Smooth away rough skin around cuticles, heels and toes. Includes interchangeable nail grinding cylinder, small grinding cylinder, grinding cone, felt cone and fine emery. Small grinding cylinder: smooth and shape nails for a professional look. Nail grinding cylinder: gently flattens nail surface and shapes the nails, even overly thick toenails. Grinding cone: flattens nail surfaces, especially useful for corners. Felt cone: smooth and polish rough edges and final polish bare nails. Fine emery: for removing dead skin and calluses on and around the nails. Ergonomic handle is easy to hold. Cordless, battery-powered device uses 2 AAA batteries (not included). Comes with a convenient storage case.
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