Auto Helper Cane

Get in and out of vehicles safely and without worry.


Struggling to keep your balance while getting in and out of vehicles? This is a common issue for many seniors, and those who are disabled or recovering from injuries. Luckily, an ingenious car helper can help you with stability whenever and wherever you travel by car.

The handy car cane handle is a modern, convenient way to turn an ordinary car door into an instant mobility assistant. This compact tool consists of a precision-cut metal “hook” made of strong solid metal and a comfort-grip rubber handle. It’s completely portable and you can bring it along with you each time you travel by car. Or you can leave it in the car’s storage compartment after each use.

Car canes like this one use leverage to create a sturdy support for persons weighing up to 300 pounds. To use the car cane simply attach the metal hook to the metal latch located inside of the car door. Grip the handle as you slowly rise up or sit down. Handle measures 5" L x 1 1/4" dia.; hook is 2 1/2" L.
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