Arthritis Wonder Pain Relieving Cream with Wogonin

Formulated with powerful wogonin for skin-penetrating pain relief.


The swelling, pain and stiffness that comes with arthritis can lead to debilitating symptoms and a reduced quality of life. There are many pain remedies that can help to reduce inflammation, providing temporary relief. However, Arthritis Wonder is a pain relief cream unlike all the others because it contains the active ingredient wogonin. Why does this ingredient make this cream worth using? Wogonin is the homeopathic name for a compound derived from the Skullcap Baicalensis plant. Traditionally used in Chinese medicine, wogonin has been researched in relation to its effects on osteoarthritis and results show that it can significantly reduce symptoms of systemic inflammation.

Wogonin cream is considered safe to use as an anti-inflammatory treatment, and wogonin is also considered to be an excellent antioxidant. Arthritis Wonder ingredients include a blend of wogonin, menthol and peppermint oil. After you apply the cream, the wogonin goes to work on reducing arthritic pain and associated swelling. Meanwhile, the menthol provides soothing relief and the peppermint aids in the reduction of pain. Non-greasy Arthritis Wonder Cream is FDA-compliant and can be used for relief from a number of painful conditions. This pain relief cream features a refreshing, subtle scent that lasts. Made in the USA.

Menthol, MSM, Peppermint Oil, Wogonin, Water

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