Address Book-Refills

No more messy cross outs.


When you need to keep track of personal and business contacts, what is even better than 3-ring or 6-ring address book refill pages and hard-to-find record plate address book inserts? The answer is these versatile refill pages designed for our binder-style desktop address book (sold separately). If you’re starting a new address book, this is the perfect time to switch to another organizing style that provides you with inserts that are easy to use and more flexible than those standard address book refill pages with 6 holes.

When you use our refillable address book, you can fill up your book with these 5-hole refill pages that are a smaller, more convenient size than standard inserts. Instead of wasting space, you can add individual contacts on separate inserts, and then layer them so that each contact can quickly be located when needed. Every insert card is printed with name, street, city, state, zip code and telephone number for neatness. There’s also space at the bottom of each address card to add an email address and other information.
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