Acupressure Massage Toe Socks

A soothing massage for your feet.


Give your feet a unique, therapeutic experience with these acupressure massage toe socks. These socks provide a rejuvenating massaging action that stimulates key pressure points. Made with soft Germanium nodules on the footbed that act like tiny fingers, applying gentle pressure and a soothing massage to the soles of your feet. By stimulating pressure points on your feet, they help enhance blood circulation to aid in overall wellness and provide relief from leg cramps, edema, plantar fasciitis and other circulatory issues. Designed with five separate no-show toes on each foot to eliminate skin-on-skin friction, corns and blisters. Moisture-wicking material prevents chafing and blistering while keeping feet dry and comfortable. Non-slip heel grip helps socks stay in place. Wear with or without shoes. One size fits most, unisex design. Washable.
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