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  1. Propet® Tour Walker Strap Women's Sneaker-368694 Propet® Tour Walker Strap Women's Sneaker-368694
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  2. Propet® TravelActiv Womens Sneaker-367980 Propet® TravelActiv Womens Sneaker-367980
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Comfort Shoes for Elderly

Whether you’re in search of a great-looking and comfortable pair of house shoes for women, or you’re in need of diabetic comfort shoes, we’ve got the shoe styles you desire in this collection. At Easy Comforts, you can enjoy wearing quality shoes designed for the utmost in comfort and find fashionable shoes that you enjoy wearing at home, work or out and about. If you like wearing athletic style sneakers, we offer lots of great choices in a range of colors and sizes. However, we also know that you may want to diversify your comfy shoe collection, and we make that easy with our fine selection. Here you can find classic styles such as Mary Janes, slip-on sandals and slip-on clogs. Browse to find women’s shoes, men’s shoes and unisex shoes.

What Are Easy-On Shoes?

All casual shoes are not alike when it comes to how easy they are to wear on a daily basis. For instance, there are a wide range of sneaker shoe styles for adults that appear to be a good choice for easy-going walking. However, that doesn’t necessarily make them optimal for someone seeking a casual shoe that can be put on and taken off easily.

Everyone’s comfort needs are different, and this is the main reason why easy-on shoes were created. Basically, they are shoes that are easy for the foot to slide into. If you need this type of shoe, we do offer a selection of easy comfort shoes that we think you’re going to love.

When browsing this collection, keep an eye out for simple comfort shoes. Ideally, you should look for shoes that don’t have any closures such as shoelaces or buckles. We offer slide sandals, slip-on shoes and clogs for your walking comfort. If you don’t mind strap closures, check out our shoes featuring adjustable hook and loop closures.

Comfortable Athletic Shoes

If you love the style and comfort of athletic shoes for everyday wear, we encourage you to browse through our selection of athletic shoes for men and women. These shoes have the high-performance features you admire with a special emphasis on ultra-comfort. Hook and loop closure styles are suitable for those who experience foot swelling and other foot issues.

Lightweight Slip-on Shoes

It’s always nice to have a pair of slip-on shoes around for those days when you just want to slip into shoes without any effort. When you buy slip-on shoes at Easy Comforts, you get shoes that are well-constructed, durable, comfortable to wear indoors or outside and stylish. Sandals, clogs and loafers are among the popular shoe styles you can expect to find in our slip-on collection.

Shoes for Diabetics

Being diabetic doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style or comfort when selecting shoes. Look for shoes in our collection that offer adjustability in the form of hook and loop closures. Some of our slip-on styles may also suit your needs. When choosing the best sneakers or walking shoes for diabetics, consider lightweight styles featuring breathable mesh uppers and elastic shoelaces.

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