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Breathing issues can zap you of energy, leaving you feeling fatigued and lethargic when you want to be active. Our respiratory health collection features products that help resolve common problems that affect the air you breathe indoors or the way you breathe in any environment. Browse this collection to find quality products that help purify the air in rooms around the home. Also find a selection of modern humidifiers for relief from air that is too dry. Additionally, you can find solutions that help you breathe more comfortably, whether you’re feeling like your normal self or under-the-weather.

Purify Air with Charcoal or Ionizers

Charcoal is commonly used for firing up the barbecue grill for cookouts. However, you may not know that charcoal is a natural air purifier. Easy Comforts is pleased to offer charcoal air purification products that are simple to place around the home. When in use, non-toxic bamboo charcoal helps keep air free of bacteria, allergens and pollutants that may cause irritation. We recommend picking up several to provide preventative protection in every main room. We also offer a variety of home air ionizers.

Increase Room Humidity

Rooms lacking humidity can cause irritations and dry skin for some people. Add much-needed moisture to any room in your home with any of our featured humidifiers. Choose an electric room humidifier that diffuses distilled water into the air. Or choose a non-electric natural-based humidifier.

Oxygen and Other Remedies

Feel instantly refreshed and ready to move ahead with the day when you use any of our featured portable oxygen products. Good respiratory health may require the use of a wedge style pillow for propping up your head during rest. Or you may want to use natural remedies to clear nasal pathways of congestion, getting breathing relief while suffering from allergies or colds. We also feature other helpful items such as facial masks for protection against irritants in the air.

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