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  3. Locking Magnetic Jewelry Clasps - Set Of 4-337030 Locking Magnetic Jewelry Clasps - Set Of 4-337030
    2 Options Available

  4. Magnetic Jewelry Clasps S/2-302780 Magnetic Jewelry Clasps S/2-302780
    2 Options Available

  5. Guardian Angel Zipper Pull-319056 Guardian Angel Zipper Pull-319056
    2 Options Available

  6. Clip On Earrings Converter-312116 Clip On Earrings Converter-312116
    2 Options Available

  7. Silver Steps™ No Tie Stretch Shoe Laces-366371 Silver Steps™ No Tie Stretch Shoe Laces-366371
    2 Options Available

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  13. Magnetic Necklace Extender - Set of 2-314574 Magnetic Necklace Extender - Set of 2-314574
    2 Options Available

  14. Silver Steps™ Elastic Shoe Laces 3 Pair-341204 Silver Steps™ Elastic Shoe Laces 3 Pair-341204
    2 Options Available

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Aids for Dressing – Gadgets to Help Put on Socks, Shoes & More

Getting dressed is a daily personal care task that can become a struggle for those dealing with dexterity issues, disabilities or medical conditions that limit movement in certain ways. Fortunately, there are tools that can make common tasks performed while you’re getting dressed much easier to do. We offer some of the most popular dressing aid tools in this collection.

Dressing Aids for Disabled Persons

If you have a disability, there are dressing aids that can help you maintain a satisfying level of independence. For example, there are two types of dressing tools that can positively impact your daily routine. The first one is the button and zipper pull tool. This little gadget helps you pull buttons through holes and guide zippers up and down. The second aid can help you put on either special handicap socks or other types of socks. It’s often called a sock assist tool, sock aid or sock helper.

Arthritis Dressing Aids

An arthritis flare-up, especially in the hands, can make getting dressed an excruciating ordeal. We offer various pain remedy solutions that can provide relief. However, you may also need additional assistance when getting dressed, and this is when a specialty tool can be most helpful.

Let’s say that you decide to wear jewelry. It may be a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings, but you shy away because you can no longer open the clasps. Jewelry converters attach to jewelry pieces, making it easy to open and close a clasp without straining your fingers.

Dressing Aids for Seniors

Living an independent life on your own terms can mean that sometimes you need a little help in certain areas. Every item in this collection can be useful for seniors seeking help with getting dressed so they can maintain that independence.

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