Digestive Support + Colon Care

Colon Care is a natural colon care system with ingredients that work together seamlessly for healthy colon processes. A blend of vitamins, probiotics and herbs helps ease digestive problems, encourage bowel regularity and promote healthy bowel support. Healthful™ Plus Colon Care »

Increased Energy Levels + Stress Relief

Focus and Energy is a balanced formulation of natural ingredients known to increase tranquility, energy and mental acuity. Gingko, Rhodiola Rosea and Green Tea help cope with stress, raise exercise performance and enhance mood, sleep and mental focus. Healthful™ Plus Focus & Energy »

Eye Protection + Reduced Eye Strain

Eye Max features a rich blend of herbs, extracts and natural ingredients known to support healthy eyes. It helps increase lutein levels, an antioxidant that protects vision from damaging light. Studies have shown that daily intake reduces eye strain from computer use in 60 days. Healthful™ Plus EyeMax »

Immunity + Heart Health

Glucose management is essential for overall health, promoting a healthy immune system and lowering the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol. Designed to support both the metabolic and immune systems, Glucozen combines traditional glucose modulating ingredients with powerful antioxidants to aid digestion and prevent cell degeneration. Cinnulin PF® aids in blood sugar regulation without the side effects of ordinary cinnamon supplementation. Healthful™ Plus Glucozen »
Healthful™ Shingles Relief Cream »
Features: Natural and botanical ingredients like tea tree, lavender oil and witch hazel extract
Benefits: Relieves pain, itching and inflammation associated with shingles
Healthful™ Diabetic Foot Cream »
Features: Herbal and botanical formula with aloe, tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil
Benefits: Quickly absorbing formula relieves and restores extremely dry, cracked and itchy skin with intense moisturization
Healthful™ Lung Cream »
Features: Herbal formula with fruit and root extracts
Benefits: Extracts and thins chest mucus, reduces coughing and phlegm buildup, as well as relieving shortness of breath and wheezing
Healthful™ Restless Legs Cream »
Features: Natural formula with flower extracts, vitamins A and E, and essential oils
Benefits: Promotes relaxation and soothes symptoms for more relaxing sleep
Healthful™ Psoriasis Cream »
Features: Soothing formula with aloe vera and mineral oil
Benefits: Relieves itching, scaling, flaking, redness and irritation associated with psoriasis and sebborheic dermatitis on the scalp or body
Healthful™ Pain Relief Cream »
Features: Calming formula with aloe vera and eucalyptus leaf oil
Benefits: Soothes inflammation and swelling from minor aches and pains
Healthful™ Skin Tag Remedy Topical Liquid »
Features: Natural formula with thuja occidentalis, salicylic acid, aloe extract, and castor, tea tree and safflower oils
Benefits: Smooths skin and treats the symptoms of skin tags
Healthful™ Anti-Fungal Topical Liquid »
Features: Natural formula with aloe vera and tea tree leaf oil
Benefits: Treats nail fungus that causes thick, discolored nails on fingers or toes
Healthful™ Toenail Softening Cream »
Features: Natural ingredients in this toenail softener penetrate and moisturize even stubborn nails overnight, leaving them soft and ready to clip in the morning
Benefits: Softens thick, hard toenails for easier trimming and nail care
Healthful™ Bruise Cream »
Features: Anti-inflammatory bruise cream calms, moisturizes and soothes distressed skin and tissue
Benefits: Natural ingredients, including vitamin K and horse chestnut extract, support capillary health and aid in fading and healing
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