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Diabetes is a debilitating disease that affects nearly 26 million people in the United States and 347 million people worldwide. Diabetes occurs when either the pancreas fails to produce enough insulin or the body's cells stop responding properly to the insulin produced, making it harder for the body to regulate blood sugar levels. There are three types of diabetes, with each one beginning in different ways and having its own set of unique problems: type I, type II and gestational (which only occurs in pregnant women).

Living with Diabetes

The best way to manage diabetes starts with making basic lifestyle changes—eating right, keeping a healthy body weight, staying active and watching glucose levels can all help to keep symptoms reined in and under control. Medication, insulin pumps and blood glucose monitors keep insulin in check and help regulate blood sugar in the body. Since the disease can also impact more than just blood sugar levels, however, like feet and eyes, staying informed on the proper equipment and lifestyle options is key to living comfortably with diabetes.

How Easy Comforts Can Help

To assist with diabetic living, Easy Comforts offers a wide variety of products to help you live comfortably and well with diabetes. Diabetic hosiery and foot solutions can improve circulation to feet, while our line of diabetic creams specifically target symptoms such as neuropathy, skin cracking and scaling. Sugar-free treats are also available to curb cravings and provide sweet satisfaction.

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Using Essential Oils to Defeat Diabetes
Using Essential Oils to Defeat Diabetes
Healthful Advanced Healing Foot Cream
Healthful™ Advanced Healing Foot Cream
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Diabetic Ankle Socks
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