World War II: A Photographic History Book

Explore key facts and decisive moments of WWII with stunning photographs and riveting stories.


This historical book is a collection of riveting articles and photographs that will take you on an emotional journey through 80+ key moments of WWII. Expand your knowledge of events such as Pearl Harbor, D-Day, Nazi camps, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki through photographs of important figures, battlefield scenes, war propaganda, enlightening facts, intriguing anecdotes, and stories of heroism. Delve into detailed accounts of the European and Pacific theaters, America's most decorated soldier Audie Murphy, Germany's Big Gun program, why the Nazis feared the Freemasons, and much more. Hardcover history book is a home library essential, makes a great coffee table history book and is the perfect book gift for history lovers! 144 pages, 11"W x 9 1/2"H.
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