Triple Acting Talc-Free Body Powder

Control moisture, reduce body odor and stay cool.


Control moisture, reduce body odor and stay cool with this original triple-acting body powder for men and women. Use as a deodorant powder, foot powder or after waxing/shaving. Talc-free and safe for sensitive skin. Made with kaolin clay to help skin stay fresh and bentonite clay to reduce moisture. Packed with vitamin E to help skin regeneration and aloe vera for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial power. Natural dusting powder keeps skin feeling soft, dry and comfortable without the talc or artificial ingredients found in traditional talc-based powders. This organic powder also works great for a quick shoe refresh, just sprinkle into shoes. Corn-free, contains no cornstarch. No artificial fragrance, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, GMOs or SLS. 4 oz.
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