Silver Steps™ Anti-Embolism Thigh High Open Toe Stockings

Improve circulation and keep the blood flow moving.


Make sure your legs are always getting the best protection from blood clot formation with these Silver Steps™ Anti-Embolism Thigh High Stockings. The “above the knee” design of these half stockings ensures that your legs get full circulation-boosting support throughout the lymphatic system for your lower limbs. Each time you put them on, your legs receive the full weight of 18 mmHg compression, which is on the higher end of light support.

This level of leg support is a reliable, doctor-recommended treatment method for preventing the occurrence of thromboembolism. This style of open-toe thigh highs can be helpful for post-surgery healing of any area of the lower limbs. They are also superior to those “one size fits all” compression stockings that can be uncomfortable to wear.

You should be able to get great support and be comfortable, which is why we offer these well-made open-toe stockings in Small, Medium, Large and XL. Available in white. Hand wash, dry flat. Made in the USA.
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