Professional-Grade, Anti-Burst Stability Ball with Pump

Exercise with the same quality fitness used in gyms.


Exercise with the same quality fitness ball professionals use in gyms and rehabilitation facilities. Professional-grade, anti-burst stability ball with pump is a fun way to improve core strength, balance and agility. It ensures maximum durability and support, so you can feel safe sitting on it, lying on it and using it for multiple exercises. Exercise ball includes pump and starter brochure. Durable PVC ball is 2,000 lbs. static weight rated and 1,000 lbs. anti-burst rated. Even with a 1" gash, it releases air slowly and will not burst, eliminating the risk of sudden falls. Available in 5 sizes to fit any height: 45 cm (5' and under). 55 cm (5'–5'6"). 65 cm (5'6"–6'). 75 cm (6'–6'5"). 85 cm (6'5" and taller). No express shipping. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
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