Pheromone Concentrate

Natural hormonal secretions of the body that attract the opposite sex.


Among the various types of sexual health aids, formulations made from pheromones are high on the list for being mysterious and intriguing. All humans emit pheromones, which cannot be seen and have no scent of their own. However, they do have power, because they are considered to be a hidden attractant for the opposite sex.

Super-Prime Pheromone Concentrate contains human female sex pheromones that may enhance the pheromones that you already produce. It only takes a drop or two of this concentrate to tap into its powerful hidden secrets of subliminal sexual attraction. Keep in mind that everyone has different body chemistry, and results vary from person to person.

If you are open to having fun with pheromones, mix a desired amount of these pheromones for women with your favorite perfume or lotion. This concentrate is unscented and does not interfere with the aroma of scented products. Once its mixed well, you can apply it to your pulse points – just a little bit is plenty to spark the flames of passion.
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