Non-Stick Mesh Baking Tray

Crisp, delicious cooking with less unhealthy oil.


Use this non-stick mesh tray for even heat circulation and healthy oven cooking with less oil, easy grilling without losing a morsel, and crisp, delicious results every time. The versatile baking tray’s open mesh surface allows optimum oven airflow around foods for uniform baking without need to turn or flip food halfway through cooking time, and it’s great for reheating leftovers and crisping up last night’s pizza in the oven. The durable mesh basket is reinforced with sturdy 1 1/4"H trim around all four sides for easy transport in and out of oven. Cooking your favorite frozen foods with less oil, butter or cooking spray, the non-stick baking tray allows easy food release and quick cleaning. Perfect for grilling delicate seafood, veggies or kabobs, the open mesh tray gives you the smoky, grilled flavor you love while protecting smaller foods from falling through grill grates. BPA-free and PFOA-free design is made of fiberglass and PTFE Teflon coating; heat safe to 500°F and dishwasher safe. 13"L x 13"W x 1 1/4"H non-stick baking pan.
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