LivingSURE™ CPAP Cleaner

Ensure you're breathing the healthiest, cleanest air possible.


This advanced CPAP sanitizer uses triple disinfection technology to ensure you're breathing the healthiest, cleanest air possible. Clean and sanitize your CPAP mask, reservoir and tube with powerful bacteria- and germ-killing ozone and UV light. This CPAP cleaning system delivers three times the sanitizing strength thanks to the internal O3 ozone generator plus built-in UV bead and active carbon filter. Machine works in 3 durations: 20/30/40 minutes. Portable, travel friendly size. Ozone generator needs no water or additional chemicals. LED displays timing and battery life. 90% ABS, 5% copper clad laminate, 5% lithium battery. Comes with 2 universal hose adapters, 1 sanitizing bag and charging cord. 4 1/3"W x 2 3/8"L x 2 3/8"H.
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