Lavender Detoxifying Foot Pads, Set of 10

Remove toxins and impurities from the body naturally while you sleep.


Have you heard about foot pads for detoxification, and you want to try this method for yourself? This Lavender foot pad detox set can help you learn how to use detoxifying foot pads at your leisure.

Many people believe that detoxifying the body through reflexology can help stimulate the immune system, boost circulation and improve overall health. Foot pads like these are created for easy detoxification during normal sleep hours.

Each individual pad contains a specially formulated mixture of bamboo, vinegar extract and lavender. Bamboo and vinegar are helpful with cleansing impurities from the pores of the skin. Lavender is appreciated for its calming, de-stressing properties and pleasant fragrance.

These detoxifying patches for the feet include an adhesive that makes it easy to apply them on the bottom of each foot. It’s recommended that you wear the patches while sleeping for a minimum of eight hours. Remove the foot detoxifying pads in the morning before cleansing the feet. Pads are safe for all skin types. Set of ten.
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