Home Sweet Home Puzzles by Holiday Peak™, Set of 4

Four exclusive puzzles in one convenient set.


Solving puzzles is a great way to keep the brain active and stimulated, especially during those times when you cannot get out and about to do other types of activities. This set of Home Sweet Home Puzzles by Holiday Peak™ features four puzzles with four different types of homes, and they are all located in serene, rural settings that offer picturesque views. You can decide if you prefer a country cottage with a creek flowing under a bridge; a cottage nestled by the lake with a sailboat nearby; a traditional country home in the hills; or a cozy cabin near majestic mountains.

Each puzzle includes 506 die-cut pieces that are nice and sturdy. Each puzzle has its own challenge level, and they all make wonderful puzzles to solve alone or with family and friends. These puzzles provide relaxation and wholesome fun for people of all ages, including kids ages 3 and up. They are ideal as activities at schools, churches, senior centers or community centers. This set also makes a great gift idea for puzzle lovers. Each jigsaw puzzle measures 19" x 14" when completed. Includes small parts; not recommended for children under 3 years old.
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