Himalayan Salt Nightlight

Lets you breathe easy, wake up refreshed and helps boost serotonin.


Himalayan salt healthy night light lets you breathe easy and wake up refreshed. Salt light harnesses the natural air-purifying benefits of Himalayan salt, emitting negative ions that bind to and help remove positively charged dust particles. Negative ions also may help control pollen, dust mites, smoke, mold spores and pet dander in the air. As it helps boost serotonin for improved moods and energy, the salt rock lamp's calming amber glow helps you relax.

Salt light helps purify the air as it adds a soft glow. Ideal for creating tranquility while lighting any dark area. Individually hand crafted of real Himalayan salt rock. 3-prong plug with easy on/off switch swivels 360° to fit any outlet. ETL listed, conforms to UL standard. 120V 60Hz plug uses E12 15W bulb (included). Overall measures 4 1/4”H x 3”Wx3 1/2”D and weigh 15.6 oz.
This item is not eligible for additional discounts at the order level.
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