Grandmas Lye Soap


One bar of pure genuine Grandmas lye soap takes care of what ails you. If you have allergies to soaps, or sensitive skin, use lye soap as a shampoo, or to soothe psoriasis and eczema. "Bleach" whites, relieve flea and dander on pets, prevent insect invasion of trees, clean cement, even bait catfish. Repel insects, relieve pain and itching from athlete's foot. The 6 ounce bar lasts!
Lard, water, and lye.
You can grate for laundry, scalp problems, cleaning cement, eczema, lice, chigger bites, yellow jacket stings, poison ivy, and acne. Most of our customers use lye soap because they have sensitive skin or allergies to skin care products.* It can be used as a face or body soap or shampoo bar (you might want to rinse with vinegar water after washing your hair). 
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