Dinner Transport Walker Tray

Take meals and snacks with you wherever you go with this convenient walker tray table.


Trays for walkers can make eating dinner and other meals easy to do away from the dining table. However, the typical walker, whether with or without wheels, does not include a meal tray table. This means that you must search to find a quality walker tray table like this one. Its simple design makes it a suitable food tray for any standard-style walker.

Please note that walker trays like this may or may not be suitable for folding walkers, depending on the design. This style of tray is also not compatible with walkers that include hand breaks. If you are using a regular-style walker to move about indoors, this is a good choice that can fit so well that it can appear that your walker came equipped with a convenient tray table.

Made of durable plastic, this strong walker tray features two elongated slots at the sides for walker handles. There are two cup wells at the top for holding your choice of hot or cold drinks.
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