Diabetic Swellsox, Colors

Ideal for those with edema, diabetes and all swollen foot conditions.


Building a collection of colorful diabetic socks is easier to do when you make Easy Comforts your go-to source for specialty socks. If you enjoy wearing tube sock-style socks, you now have another option to add to your diabetic sock wardrobe. These socks are extremely well designed, and they offer both fashion and exceptional functionality. If you’re searching for high-quality socks for diabetics, these are a fantastic choice. Crafted of 100% cotton, they are wonderfully soft next to the skin, and that can make all the difference when it comes to comfort.

Choosing the best diabetic socks for men and women also means finding socks that fit well. In fact, good fit is essential, and that’s why these breathable diabetic tube socks contain plenty of stretch. With the ability to stretch the socks up to 26 inches in diameter, they can accommodate a variety of foot and calf sizes. These moisture-wicking colored diabetic socks are available in your choice of black or navy blue.
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