Brain Games® TV Guide Set of 5

All you need to keep your brain muscles fit.


Brimming with Word Search puzzles and TV trivia to rekindle fond memories, this Brain Games™ TV Guide Word Search set is designed to help keep your brain sharp. Just a few minutes of TV Guide Word Search fun may be all you need to keep your brain muscles fit and "tuned in" to healthy aging! The TV-themed word search puzzle books include words to find in a straight line, horizontally, vertically or diagonally—and may be read either forward or backward for added challenge. Set of 5 includes a variety of topics: Sitcom Classics, Westerns, Game Shows, Sci-Fi and Crime & Justice. Set of 5. Each softcover book features 32 pages with answer key in back; 5 1/4" x 7 3/4".
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