Brain Games® Star Banner Sudoku Puzzles

Relax, refocus, and maintain mental fitness.


Helping you relax, refocus and maintain mental fitness, these Brain Games® Sudoku puzzles challenge your brain—rewarding you with a sense of satisfaction each time you solve one! This Brain Games book is brimming with more than 160 Sudoku puzzles organized into five difficulty levels, offering something for everyone to enjoy, from novice to expert. Sudoku is a simple puzzle with no tricks or twists to maneuver … helping you use and improve critical problem-solving and concentration skills. Spiral binding makes it easy to keep pages open and solve these addictive Sudoku puzzles, while a complete answer key in back lets you check your answers. Discover why so many folks make Sudoku part of their daily routine, and enjoy the fun while keeping your mind sharp! This Sudoku puzzles book is a brain-boosting treat for yourself, and a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Softcover, 192 pages. 7 1/2" x 9 1/4" brain teaser puzzles book.
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