Brain Games® Find The Cat Book

A fun cat-themed brain workout.


In Brain Games® Find The Cat Book, you'll enjoy a fun workout for your brain and your eyes—searching high and low for signs of a hidden cat in each photo. With 129 full-color brain games puzzles featuring cute cats and adorable kittens, this book will keep you entertained, engaged and on the lookout for that elusive, hard-to-find feline. Research suggests that varying your routine of regular brain exercise may help keep your mind feeling and acting healthier, so this look and find book may be the "cat's meow" for your cognitive fitness! Spiral binding allows the pages of this find the cat book to lie flat while you work, and the book includes a complete answer key in case you need help. Softcover; 160 pages of brain games for adults. 8" x 9 1/4".
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