Boost Oxygen® Think Tank Nootropic Brain Booster, 10L

Sharpen memory, improve mental performance and increase energy.


Keep an extra oxygen boost close at hand with Boost Oxygen® Think Tank. All natural, inhalable canned oxygen with organic rosemary sharpens memory, improves mental performance and increases energy. Studies show rosemary is an effective memory booster, increasing short-term memory as much as 75%. Formulated based on science and history, this brain booster is ideal for supporting brain health and cognitive function. Portable oxygen therapy is great for high altitudes, jet lag, senior citizens, athletes who want to increase sports performance or recovery and more. Compact size for travelers contains more than 200 1-second inhalations. To use, place face mask under the nose or over the mouth. Press trigger to activate flow. Breathe deeply. Repeat as desired. 10L.
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