Beautyful™ Inflatable Hair Washing Basin

Make washing anyone's hair stress-free!


Are you tired of putting off hair washing because you lack easy access to an empty sink? Or perhaps you want to start a beauty spa service in another part of your home but need an extra sink to provide hair washing services. This inflatable hair wash basin is the convenient and affordable solution for both scenarios. With this inflatable hair washing basin, you can choose when and where to wash someone’s hair. Crafted of sturdy material, this square-shaped basin inflates to a full-size basin with a deep well for holding water. A neck opening creates space for a person to lean back, and support cushioning keeps their head in the best position to carry out a thorough wash and rinse.

Because it is a portable hair washing sink, you can use this inflatable wash basin in the living room, bedroom and other areas. Use this inflatable basin to wash the hair of those with limited mobility, those who are bedbound or as an instant solution for washing anyone’s hair away from a standard sink. The basin comes with a double-layered air valve for inflating and deflating and an easy-to-use hand pump.
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