Able™ VivaGuard™ 28G Safety Lancets, Set of 100

Ideal for travel and safe glucose testing on the go.


Designed for quick, on-the-go use, these Able™ VivaGuard™ 28G Safety Lancets are the answer to safe, portable readings. Each blood lancet is designed with a bright orange case and anti-skid body design, perfect for elderly patients or those with limited dexterity. Easy and simple to use, they feature protective twist-off caps and don’t require a separate lancing device. The ultra-thin, extra-sharpened lancet needles help reduce discomfort, and go to a defined depth of 1.8mm for optimal sampling. When done, the needle automatically retracts and locks, helping prevent re-use and cross-infection for ensured safety. Disposable lancet needles are silicone-coated and gamma-sterilized to prevent infection. Set of 100 safety lancets. 5-year shelf life.
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