A Christmas Story Fudge Tin, Chocolate Walnut, 12oz.

Fill your chocolate walnut fudge fantasy with this old time favorite.


Filled with old-fashioned Chocolate Walnut fudge, this collectible A Christmas Story Fudge Tin stars Ralphie from A Christmas Story … and unlike in the movie, he's actually saying "Ohhh … ffffudge!". The luscious Christmas fudge inside is made from scratch by a small family-owned candy company in Ohio, where each batch of candy is hand stirred in old-fashioned copper kettles using a time-honored recipe and the finest ingredients like fresh dairy butter and plump, crunchy walnuts. The next best thing to a "Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot model air rifle", it's the ultimate Christmas candy gift for any fudge lover or movie fan on your holiday list! 12 oz. of A Christmas Story candy.
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