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Limited mobility may sound like a fairly benign problem, but for millions of Americans, it's no light matter. Most common in seniors, limited mobility is caused by a range of factors, including disease, hearing or vision impairment, accidents and the wear of age. It can prevent people from doing the things they love, and makes day-to-day tasks more difficult and wearisome. Losing the liberty of free movement can also lead to other conditions, like depression and incontinence, and put strain on the lives of loved ones caring for someone with limited mobility.

Living with Limited Mobility

Although limited mobility does create more difficulties, however, there are still many ways to manage it and enjoy life. First and foremost is to neve become resigned or lethargic. Staying active and keeping a healthy mindset is key to keeping in good shape. Going for short walks, taking small trips to the store or movie theater, and gardening can keep those with limited mobility on their toes. Age should never get in the way of doing enjoyable things - it's only a number, after all - and it doesn't have to with the proper aids and tools.

How Easy Comforts Can Help

To assist in living with limited mobility, Easy Comforts provides several items to help keep an active, high quality of life. Walkers, canes and rollators allow for smooth, easy movement over most terrain. Long-handled brushes, dressing tools and specialty handles make it easy to accomplish daily tasks and chores without help. Easy Comforts also offers comfort items like gel and memory foam cushions and power seat lifts for added luxury.

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