We have solutions to help you manage your discomforts and products to help you maintain your independence while providing you with peace of mind.


We carry solutions to help manage incontinence no matter what level of protection you need. Our incontinence products are designed to provide solutions that help you maintain an independent lifestyle.

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Calm the common arthritis symptoms, inflammation, pain, and stiffness with these great solutions. We have everything to help relieve the chronic pain and discomfort of arthritis and products to help with everyday tasks.

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Back & Shoulder Pain

Shop our assortment to help manage your back and shoulder pain including specialized cushions, braces and supports; all designed to help you maintain a pain free, independent lifestyle.

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We offer accessories to help manage your diabetes and to ease the complications to the vascular and neurologic that accompany this disease. We have products to help relieve nerve pain associated with diabetes.

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Foot Pain

Taking care of your feet is important to overall health as your feet support your entire body. We carry many items that support foot health by helping to properly align toes, relieve foot pain and strain.

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Sleep Apnea

We offer accessories to help manage sleep apnea, to ensure a better nights rest, including pillows, hose accessories, and sleep aids.

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Poor Circulation

Exercise and use of graduated compression hosiery can help stimulate blood flow and reduce the risk of life threatening blood clots. View our variety of compression hosiery plus products to help keep your legs moving.

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Chronic Pain or Fibromyalgia

You will find what you need to manage your chronic pain and resume your daily activities in our assortment of supports, topical remedies, and cushions.

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Knee & Ankle pain

Shop our assortment of products to help manage knee and ankle pain including specialized braces, supports and magnet therapy products all designed to help you maintain a pain free, independent lifestyle.

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